Cost Effective

Application development plays and important role in modern business and becoming important for businesses to develop and deploy software, especially custom software. This helps businesses to maintain a competitive edge.  As businesses move to the web and adopt mobile technology, those who can innovate quickly and cost-effectively with software will have a competitive advantage. The problem, however, with web and mobile application development is the complexity in areas related to security, design, integration, responsive design and more.

We, at Al – Hirah, work towards a very cost effective solution by:

  1. Setting clear expectations and outcomes of the project
  2. Working in iterative cycles and getting a functioning system (working software) to the users at the earliest possible – mostly within the first or second iterative cycle (usually 2 weeks)
  3. We research and find a pre-built script or framework that is closest to the required application and build on the framework to fit the needs. We pass on this cost saving directly to our customers.
  4. We work very closely with the users and let users drive the application and avoid unexpected outcomes