About us

In the recent years, the software industry has changed significantly. Since the late ’90s, business software was dominated by expensive ERP software vendors making it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to make the investment and benefit from the technology. This has significantly changed in the recent years with the coming of cloud computing. Business software has become very affordable for small and medium-sized businesses because of the monthly subscription model.

There is, however, an implementation and adoption gap in the market between the cloud software and businesses. The cloud ecosystem is thriving with a large number of players offering software services. However, businesses are unable to easily discover these services, use, and benefit from them.

AL-HIRAH HOLDINGS SDN BHD, Our Information Technology Division to fill this gap between the software vendors and the businesses. In this short span of time, we have worked with the transport industry and the disability sector and offered them unique solutions to one of their critical problems, transportation. With no solution available in the market for their problems, we custom developed a web and mobile solution, which is currently used every day by a large fleet of vehicles. With this experience, we have discovered an efficient way to solving critical problems cost effectively that will benefit many businesses. Some of the ways you can engage our consulting and software development services:

  1. Cloud recommendation: Outline a cloud strategy to capitalize on the offerings available in the cloud eco-system. This will include furnishing market knowledge and benchmarking current offerings.
  2. Custom Software Development: Develop tailored solutions to solve some of your critical problems
  3. Aggregation and negotiation: Negotiate on your behalf and find a strategic cloud partner for specific business modules and functions.
  4. Business transformation to the cloud: Where appropriate, work with you in transforming existing applications to the cloud.
  5. Application maintenance: Be a one-point software support contact for all your software applications.
  6. Integration Discovery and Development: Identify cloud services for various functions and develop APIs for integration where required.

What makes us Different from other’s ?

We at Al – Hirah, believe and practice Agile Software Development methodology. Agile Software Development is an umbrella term for a set of methods and practices based on the values and principles. Below are the guiding practices that explain why this methodology is important to us and how it will benefit our customers.

Application development plays and important role in modern business and becoming important for businesses to develop and deploy software, especially custom software. This helps businesses to maintain a competitive edge.  As businesses move to the web and adopt mobile technology, those who can innovate quickly and cost-effectively with software will have a competitive advantage.

Delivering a fast and reliable solution helps us immensely in maintaining a great relationship with our customers. With the continuous change in technology, businesses cannot wait for months to introduce new features their customers’ demand.

We have an excellent support system in place to support our customers. The best way to engage Support is by logging a ticket from our support portal.