Cloud is a disruptive technology that has forced legacy software giants to change their business models, including pricing strategy, sales channels, and even basic technology.  The businesses have been saved from making large-scale investment in software infrastructure. They can now operate on monthly subscriptions, pay as you go model, based on the number or users and only for the functions they use. The cloud technology has made it easy for developers to collaborate and for users to adopt the technology cheaply and easily.

We at Al – Hirah offer a range of consulting services to support your cloud journey and execution:

  1. Cloud recommendation: Outline a cloud strategy to capitalize on the offerings available in the cloud Eco-system. This will include furnishing market knowledge and bench marking current offerings.
  2. Aggregation and negotiation: Negotiate on your behalf and find a strategic cloud partner for specific business modules and functions.
  3. Business transformation to the cloud: Where appropriate, work with you in transforming existing applications to the cloud.
  4. Application maintenance: Be a one-point software support contact for all your software applications.
  5. Integration Discovery and Development: Identify cloud services for various functions and develop APIs for integration where required.