We help companies solve technology related challenges, transform and re-invent their organisations to become cost effective, productive and agile. We offer a five-day engagement consulting service to give businesses an initial high-level direction for their future planning of the software infrastructure. This five-day engagement consulting service will have the following stages:

Interview and Audit:

A consultant will be at your offices and sites and conduct interviews with end users, management, and other stakeholders. The consultant will:

  • study your business functions and processes
  • collect details of existing software systems
  • collect details of system usage
  • collect documents related to operations
  • record user and management expectations

This usually takes one or two days, depending on the number of sites and complexity of the operations of the business


In this stage, we:

  • document the data and information collected in the previous stage
  • research similar businesses in the industry
  • research software solutions used by similar businesses in the industry
  • research and document standard business practices of the industry
  • analyse gap in the technology adoption, pros and cons of adoptions

Design & Recommendation:

We deliver a report of our analysis that will contain:

  • our recommendation of software solutions best suitable for the business
  • a list of off-the-shelf software options available and their pricing
  • benefits of the change and expected return on the change
  • a concept level design of the proposed future state of software infrastructure

After 5 business days of system study, research, and documentation, on the 6th day, our consultant will present the report to the management and other stakeholders and answer questions related to the analysis and report. Additional documents and references will also be provided by the consultant in the following days related to questions raised in the presentation session.

The cost of this 5-day consulting is $4,500. Contact us for a booking: Email: info@alhirah.my